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Warning: this journal is a bit NSFW. But then again my entire life is, so you could have seen this coming :dummy:

It was about time that I did a journal meme about a more sexual topic. Thanks SpitfiresOnIce for sending me some! :la:

1. What color are your underwear/panties?
Mostly black. Can be grey too though.

2. Do they have a design?
Never, they're just a plain colour.

3. Girls, what color is your bra?
I'm not a girl and I don't own a bra, so I'll skip this question :dummy:

4. Is there a design?
See 3.

5. What color are your socks?
Black, as always. I am a very boring person if it's about underwear :XD:

6. Is there a design on them?
Some just have days printed on them, but it's not like I follow them or anything. I wear a Thursday and a Friday sock now for example.
Other socks have a simple white line or a blue square on it. Nothing really special.

7. Are you a virgin?
Nope :dummy:

8. Happy that way?
Very happy. Sex is great :la:

9. What is your favorite sex position?
That's probably the Cowgirl Position. 
(That's the girl sitting on top)

11. Do you look at hentai?
Only images actually, never full length movies. I honestly can't stand those high-pitched Japanese girl voices :XD:

12. Real porn?
Same story. I don't find all that extreme moaning that arousing.

13. Do you read smutty/porn stories?
No, but I can make one if you want to :eyes:

14. Do you read/watch/look at gay porn/hentai/stories?
No, only images once again.
But to be honest, seeing lesbians having sex is very arousing. I am not aroused by seeing two men having sex though.

15. Who was your first kiss with?
With Merleee . I remember answering a question similar to this in one of my older journals, but I'll just repeat the story again:

When we first met each other I really wanted to kiss her, so I said that i hurt my mouth, so she kissed me on my lips. I am a smooth guy, I know.

16. Are they of the opposite sex?
Well, are you sweetie? :noes:

17. Have you ever kissed or had sex with someone of the same sex?
Nope. I don't see myself having sex with another man any time soon.

18. Is there any one of your friends that you would ever consider having sex with?
Yeah, totally. A foursome with Merleee, SpitfiresOnIce and Griwi . I'm in.
But to be honest? I see myself only having sex with my girlfriend though. I don't see why I should have sex with one of my friends.

19. Do you have any piercings other than your ears?
Nope, I'm not too fond of piercings.

20. If so, where?

21. Do you have any tattoos?
Nope, same story as in question 19. Not too fond of tattoos either.

22. If so, where?

23. Have you ever been pregnant/got a girl pregnant?
I've been pregnant 5 times.
Nope, and I want to keep it that way too. See my previous journal why i don't want kids.

24. Ever done any illegal drugs?
Nah, way too expensive for what it actually is.

25. If so, which ones?
Antibiotics. The horror.

26. Have you ever cheated on someone?
No, that's a dick move :noes:

27. Ever been cheated on?
No, and I hope Merleee will not do that to me. But I trust her that she wont do that, she's too awesome for that kind of crap :dummy:

28. Have you ever been called a whore/slut?
Nope. or at least not that I know about.

29. Do you own any sex toys?
...I kinda wish a had some. Not for myself alone, but you know, to enhance sex and stuff. It's all about experimenting.
But man, sex toys are REALLY expensive. And just to think about it that I can actually make my own thanks to the wonderful think called 3D-printing...

30. Have you ever had a sexual fantasy involving a relative?
Oh god no.
I had a sexual NIGHTMARE involving a relative once.

31. Have you ever masturbated?
Way too much.

32. Have you ever taken a naked picture of yourself?
...When I was 7 or so. Does that count?

33. Have you ever taken a naked picture of someone else?
Nope. Not yet, there are a bit too much risks right now. And even then it's mostly just for drawing references.

34. Are you on any form of birth control (the pill, the patch, etc)?
Do condoms count? If so: yes. I don't really think birth control for girls have any effect on guys to begin with :XD:

35. Have you ever written/drawn smut/porn?
Yes. I never upload it though for obvious reasons.

36. Do you swear in front of your parents?
I honestly have no idea. I swear so much that it's just a part of my vocabulary now.

37. Do they care?
It's mostly just things like "Ah fuck"or "shit". I think as long as don't call them a bitch or something like that it's fine.

38. Are you uncomfortable yet?
I am never uncomfortable if it's about sex :dummy:

39. Are you taking this quiz of your own free will?
Yes, I asked Bienie if she had some sex-related memes, so yeah.

40. Are you turned on/sexually aroused right now?

Well, that was kinda interesting. Not sure if I said too much, oops... :XD:

I just like talking about sex and stuff, whether it's for fun or serious. And with that I also want to say that if you want to talk to someone about something about sex or have a question about something sexual related, you can note me. I see what I can do for you :dummy:

And remember,
always wear a jacket when exploring the caves.

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  • Playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
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  • Drinking: Water

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Oh hello there, welcome to my wonderful world*!
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I’m known as Goomuin, a portmanteau of Goomba and penguin. Pretty genius, I know. :eyes:

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People know me as a creative punny bastard, making terrible jokes at every possible occasion. You’ve been warned. I also have the tendency to question and overthink everything. I'm also very curious. I'm also known to connect everything, even if it seems that there's no connection at all.

My interests are pretty obvious if you take a look at my drawings :la:

I also have a huge project with working title Mercasya, which is about a fantasy world in a parallel universe a 1000 years in the future. As I want this to become very detailed, this project will take a long time to finish, or it might never get finished at all because it keeps on growing.

My beautiful girlfriend is :iconmerleee: . I love her so much :hug:

With this all being said, have fun! :dummy:

I'm also on here!
I've got Skype as well, but I ain't givin' it to ya (unless I know you more personally)

If you see my username on other sites, it's probably a dead account of mine or a fake one!


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